• {What I Wore} Rompin’ Around in Bright Yellow

    Hey Delights! This yellow romper instantly put me in the best mood when I put it on and it was much needed because It has been raining like crazy here in Chicago & been kinda blah. But yesterday the sun peeked through a little bit and the temperature is definitely rising, which is a good… Read More

    {What I Wore} Rompin’ Around in Bright Yellow
  • {What I Wore} Simply Be Festival Collection

    Hey Delights! Back in 2013 I wrote a love letter to Simply Be because they were one of the only plus size brands mailing out a catalog filled with clothes that I loved, needed & wanted.  Fast forward to 2018 & they are still serving up trendy fashion for plus size women and have even… Read More

    {What I Wore} Simply Be Festival Collection
  • {What I Wore} Plus Size JoyLab™ Sports Bra & Leggings

    Hey Delights! I decided to give Target’s JoyLab™ plus size activewear a try so I purchased this matching sports bra & leggings. It was such an amazing day in Chicago yesterday with temperatures reaching the 70’s, so we were outside all over the city enjoying it all day.   JoyLab™ is just one of the brands that Target… Read More

    {What I Wore} Plus Size JoyLab™ Sports Bra & Leggings
  • {What I Wore} Pink Power Suit

    Hey Delights! I have never had a pink power suit but I knew the moment that I saw this pink blazer and pink pants from the Eloquii 9 to 5 Kit, I knew the time had come to rock one. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Eloquii 9 to 5 Kit is a collection of… Read More

    {What I Wore} Pink Power Suit
  • {What I Wore} Easy Jumpsuit Living

    Hey Delights! The jumpsuit has always been one of my favorite clothing pieces. Mainly because it’s slip on and go fashion but also in recent years, I have loved all the different ways that we plus size women get to rock them. I purchased this sleeveless jumpsuit because of all the different ones I own… Read More

    {What I Wore} Easy Jumpsuit Living
  • {What I Wore} Pink Velvet

    Hey Delights! I am sure by now that it is pretty obvious that I love velvet. So when Shein offered to send me a few pieces to review weeks back, I honed in on sweaters, like this orange eyelet detail one seen here and the plus size velvet pieces that they had.  This ruffle trim velvet dress &… Read More

    {What I Wore} Pink Velvet
  • {What I Wore} Stripes & Curves Forever

    Hey Delights! I have said it before but it bears repeating. Plus size fashion has come so far. It is so amazing that we get to rock the pieces that we do now especially considering the kind of options we had just 5 years ago.  So I always appreciate moments when I instantly fall in… Read More

    {What I Wore} Stripes & Curves Forever
  • {Life} March Madness, Velvet Fabness

    Hey Delights! Life has been so FULL!! As you can see, I have started my transition from blogger to wordpress and I am still working out some kinks and some things will change but I hope  you like the new feel of the site. I love it and I will share more about it in… Read More

    {Life} March Madness, Velvet Fabness
  • {What I Wore} Kimono Vibes

    Hey Delights! I purchased this kimono midi dress mainly because it was a style that I did not already have in my wardrobe and for the color. I don’t wear green nearly enough but when I do, it is usually all love and this dress was no exception. While the fabric makes it totally dressy,… Read More

    {What I Wore} Kimono Vibes
  • {What I Wore} Wakanda Style

    Hey Delights! Ok by now you have seen Black Panther, right? It is the must see movie all around the world and on it’s way to most likely grossing a billion+ and it has only been out for 2 weeks. We went to see it the first weekend that it hit the theaters and I… Read More

    {What I Wore} Wakanda Style